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I don't feel like dancing anymore, momma.

Well, yesterday was so uber spiffy happy that I thought, "Gee, I hope I feel like this tomorrow. I hope I feel like this for a while~"
Cause I was singing and dancing and doing stupid voices and "commercials" for Bean, and watching movies, and playing DDR, and working on an art project, ect... It were fun :P
However, last night I didn't sleep well at all. ~~; And today my neck hurts, and I'm all fat because it's that water-retentive time of month (and probly because I'm just a cow anyway), and I feel sad and tired and blah and I hate myself and my boring, boring life... ~~; I never go out, I never have money, I'm scared to drive, I can't seem to draw anything lately and that pisses me off, and I'm pissed off at people I don't even see, and I don't know what to do with my life or how to feel like doing anything or...BLARG.
Fucking Pizza Hut won't even call me back about that application.

Yeah, did I mention I applied there? ~~; Thought I'd have a better chance and getting a job there because they have recently opened. Jerks still gotta call me.

I'm ready to have something happen to me already. Where's the man that steals my heart? The big, difficult-but-worth-it obstacle in my life? The random person that walks past and goes, "Holy fuck, your art is good! Can I hire you?"
What about all that, eh? Where the hell? When the hell, even? Or did I miss it? Or have I just had so many fuck-ups already that either I've been given up on, or I just don't notice that I am, in fact, having a life?

This is stupid. I want to go somewhere. I want to have a good day again. Is two in a row too much to ask? Really? Blah.

I hate these stupid complainy posts.
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Hey! Buck up! Life is going on right now so it's best to make the best of every day and live it to it's fullest. Everyday has the possibility of being great and moving you closer to your dreams. Wake up and say 'what can I do today to get what and where I want to be?'
As far as the clothing issue goes (it might have been another post that you talked about it) where does your sister keep getting new clothes from and you don't have any? What's going on with that? The Pink Towels need to have a little fashion clothing shopping trip! We will revitalize your look!It will be goodly wonderful~!
Yeah~ I knows I needs to try an be happy, even when things aren't. :P On the bright side, I left cartoon club feeling much better that day, so maybe all I needed was some people interaction~
As for Bean's clothing, mom put it all on her credit card, after previously having told me that the thing was reserved only for specific things. Emergencies, and cat meds from online, ect... ~~;
From Hot Topic no less... I'm being the jealous older sibling, dammit. It's just hard to be wearing generally the same clothing you've had from when you were in the 6th grade, you know? Lots of my shirts are rags, and two of my jeans are little more than strings.


Anywho, thankies der happy post :) And also thankies for another lovely time at club, since it never fails to cheer me up when I'm feeling poopy. ::hugs:: Let's all go shopping in Japan~