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Ug... I'm all sickly feeling again. You know, that icky stomach thing I kept complaining about a short while ago, due to recent negative conversations between people. Well, happy-fucking-joy-joy, it's back. :) Yeah, because all that crap was never really over to begin with, and I'm in it deeper than I think I cared to be, and yet felt that I would be wrong to just sit back and watch. ~~;

Now I'm seriously dreading cartoon club tomorrow... Like, badly. I don't want to go. :\
Of course, I will be going, because I refuse to let situations drive me away from my normal swing in life, dammit. Besides, I'm the one that started that club, and hell had better freeze over before I have to avoid going.
Everything is such bullshit, and I'm getting sick of it, and yet it just keeps going and going, like some kind of fucked up energizer bunny.
Petty stuff really, but it seems to be the only real drama in life at the moment.
Gawd, shoot me.

Anyway, the point of this post wa not to be vauge and annoying. I was to point out that I'm really, as I said, dreading going to club tomorrow, and I feel sick from it.
But then, I'm sick every time the phone rings.
So yeah. Damn.

In other news, The Leauge of Extraordinary Gentlemen was a rather kickass movie, and I feel inlcined to watch it again, and then own it. :) I'm not too sure about parts of it. Like the massive ship that somehow magically fit into the teeny Venice canals. Har har. But yeah, overall it was one of those movies that had me all- O.O

Also, um... Asylum. I are in love. <3 Them who made it are lovely little geniuses that I envy for their brain magics.

Lastly, I think another of those random but super-nifty plots is beginning to live inside my squishy little brainses, and...yes. It has to do with sleeping and spooky good stuffs~ I hope it turned into something useable. ::nodnod:: And the cool thing is, I had gotten this other random idea while watching LoEG, and that one and this lovely new one magically match perfectly! ^.^ So that makes me all goodly happy.

I'm talking like a dipshit now, so I'm go take care of some stuff that needs doing~ There's much to search for and download and write and adjust and plan and draw, and basically anything that can keep me from feeling this ooky sick feeling of tomorrowness.
Maybe if I don't sleep at all I'll have a reason to just sit and zone out...Or pass out so nobody can talk to me... :\

Stuff to do!! I up and away!
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