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Yoy of Joys, yo! It SNOWED last night, and then lasted ALL DAY!
Does anyone have any idea what a big deal that is down here? FWEE!! :D

The stupid thing though, is the no one knows how to drive in weird weather in GA... So we only got an inch (if that much) of snow, and the schools were all shut down. ::blink:: In CO, it took about five FEET of snow before anyone even considered cancelling school. XD So while I was happy about the snow, I was still laughing at how pathetic it was.
Though it was very, very pretty, and I'm all happy. :3 Like I said to Mags a while ago, it makes me feel a bit less homesick. ^.^

In other news, comic contests SUCK ASS. Yup. Ug.

Hangin out wif Mags is fun. :D Finding Nemo is by far the most depressing Disney movie I've ever seen. Good though, so it all evens out~
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