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Sheesh, I think I'll just implode

Okay, so I'm still wasting my time online doing useless dribble. ::sighs:: I have a contest to enter, dammit! I need to be banned from the internet!

In other, similar news, I've become a true artist in less than three days. This entails staying up till god-awful hours trying to draw but getting nothing done (which comes naturally anyway), sleeping till noon, or not sleeping at all, ever nursing a MASSIVE cup of horrible coffee because frappicinos don't quite cut it, and when I ever do get to bed, I don't even bother getting into my pyjamas. Don't even take of my bra, fer cripes sake. And as far as sleeping situations, I just fall into the clearest spot on my bed. Because usually it's covered with art stuff and cats. ~~;
Crap, I just can't wait till I'm doing this for a living. :P

Now, for something compleatly different. Apparently, I'm the master of Zen, and it make some people think I'm cool, and it makes my mother think I'm a not-normal teenager. She's always telling me to do something delinquent-esque, so she know's she raised me okay. ::blink::
Ah well. I'll just say that's a good thing. ;) Eternally placid is good for blood pressure anyway.

There's cat hair ALL OVER my nice black and blue clothing. :\ And my neck hurts, and i want to repaint my fingernails and toenails, but I have no time to do so. Grr. ~~; And my insides feel sick. Ug. Toilet. Barfy marf.
But life doesn't suck. I'm just complaining so I don't have to worry about any of this later. Yoy for internetty journals, where no one really has to sit and listen to you whine. :D

Umm, I feel like typing more, really.. But I'm kinda wasting my day, and my coffee buzz. So. Yeah. Toodles!
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She's encouraging you to do something bad? But she got you in trouble for the Waymon car thing, didn't she? =P
I guess she wants me to rebel or something so she has a reason to scold me so she feels more like a mother. Or something. :P