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You know, the funniest things happen when Maggie and I talk about asians. lol!

So, yesternight was good. I woke up being compleatly bored and useless-feeling, and remained that way for most of the day. Bean, mum and I watched the first two Jurassic Park movies, and then Mags called and asked if I wanted to hang out. So der, I said yuppers. :) She came to pick me up, we sat around waiting for the second movie to end (Jeff Goldblum running away from a T-rex in the middle of a downtown water-front area never fails to kick ass, or amuse me. Bwaha), then we took off for Best Buy.
Gawd. I'm so amused by the sequence of events that took place there.
So, after a romp around BB, we went to VisionViz where I returned my two funky Japanese movies, looked for soemthing new, and Mags and I roamed around and talked a bit with her co-workers. Then to Wendy's, where I just know I blew my diet thing. Then to HollyVid, where we meowed at Eric, snagged Jurassic Park 3, and Once Upon A Time In Mexico.
Antonio Banderas. Jonny Depp. W00tzor, yo. >)

"I can't see, you fuckmook! I've got no eyes!"

Saa, then Mags and I went back to her apt, and we watched the first ten minutes of Ping Pong, which I need to rent sometime, and then The Goonies. I'm twice over enamoured with Sean Austin. Aaaaww, SAM! <3
After that, some...weird....asian..zombie movie. ::blink:: Ace. Tobio, the girl who's not. Guitaur Wolf. Some...other people. And a bunch of hobbling BLUE asian zombies (two of which end up making out near the end of the movie. Now that is horror).
Fun times.
Ooo, and we ate spagettii. W00t! More diet blowing.
I love Depp and Austin. ;)

Hmm...then some funny girl talk about balls and whatnot, and then...home. Yup. :blink:: Smirnoff. lol, Shmendrick.

Saw deer on the way home, fell dead-ass alseep as soon as I hit the pillow, had dreams of alllll sorts of fucked up shit. And snow. And I was an elf at one point, wearing a very kickass outfit. Cool beans.

TODAY! Woke up feeling goodish, but guilty for waking up so late. (2:00 pm) Had breakfast, was going to draw, lost modivation because mum and I got talking about college, and for some reason that topic just makes me angry and want to cry. :\
Watched teh Eyeball-less Depp wander around clinging to some kid like it was a seeing-eye dog. Watched dinosaurs eat people. Watched people run and scream. Blood, guts, pissed dino mommas. All good. Except that there was no JEFF GOLDBLUM! Sucks. ~~;
Shower, out, back, internet.

I really, really wish I could have gotten some drawing done when I felt like it. () Thanks, pre-college life, you're screwing with my motivation.

As for things that don't have to do ith me systematically quoting the happenings of my life as if reading from a boring book, I really, really am getting interested in teh movie thing. Like, I think I'd like to make em. :) Its always been an interest, but recently I think I'd like to really get into it.
Pershnaps. Comics first, for now. ::nodnod:: And I have to learn to write like something that isn't crap. :P

Umm... I guess I'm off to doodle a bit, and maybe watch some Hikago. Ja matta and so forth for now~

Can you believe it?? Two posts in ONE MONTH!
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