~A. Ryce Kunchan Sama (blackrosesignet) wrote,
~A. Ryce Kunchan Sama


Um, I'm not going to go into some gigantic explination of anything at the moment, cause I'm visiting Maggie and I don't wannt be a rude ass by sitting on her compy the whole time.
So! Let's see...
Crap that I was bitching about has been pretty cleared up. Tis good. I always feel stupid about getting angry at something after it's all over. Shit like that tend to go out with a "pleh", and it's just... Pleh.
Maggie's shift button doesn't seem to work sometimes. Hmm..

Uh. Miyavi's awsome, so is Hee Jun, Taiji, Toshiya, and some random dudes from Shinhwa. :P
I'ma go now. I dun wanna be a mean guest...

We're going to watch high school students kill each other. >)
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