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I'd like to take a moment to share with you all...

...That today sucks. My head hurts, my neck hurts, my wrist hurts, my back hurts, my brain hurts, my talent hurts, and my eyes hurt.
If I haven't spoken to you in over a month, it's likely that I'm pissed at you for something you don't even know you did, and I refuse to talk about it because you either don't care, or it's a stupid reason that probably only makes sense to me and the IRL people I bitch at in my daily life.
I'm tired of feeling all alone when I wake up or go to sleep, or when I'm feeling sad and hiding in my room. I'm very tired of being out of shape, andof having no real active life, and of sitting around on my ass feeling sorry for myself because I have some kind of block or another. I'm tired of my sister being better at EVERYTHING than I am. I'm just damn tired.
Did you all know that I'm having trouble waking up at all, even after 12 hours of sleep? Do you all CARE? I can name about two or three people on my friend's list right now that would actually give a shit about anything I have to say right now, and everyone else I know has either stopped reading at the top of this entry, or is rolling their eyes right now and going "God, she's complaining AGAIN..."
Well you know what? if you're not one of the two or three people I could name that care, FUCK OFF. :D
And I'm not going to bother naming names, because I don't want to bother dealing with people IMing me and going "Oh, what's wrong? I'm not one of the ones you told to fuck off, am I?"

And now eveyone, I'm tired of ranting, because it's wasting my time. Bye bye, and have a day. XP
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People are greedy. But I love ya :)