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I had some weird dreams earlier that just...had me baffled. In one, I was eating my artwork. ::blink:: It was made of this weird, crisp something that I kept nibbling at... And I remember that I kept asking people if eating my artwork was a good idea, because they were the originals and if I ate them I wouldn't have them ever again. Oo; But I forget to what point and purpose I was eating them for in the first place.
Then I had a dream that Maggie and I were out in the middle of the ocean in this little yello rubber raft thing, and we were...like, stranded, but not. We were going somewhere, and I kept asking how long we had to get there and if we had enough food and water left. Maggie kept saying we had about four days and would I please just shut up already and eat the lunch she was cooking. The water was really really blue there, and at one point we were talking about how it was hard to comprehend that water that looked so clear and good could taste so horribly salty. Like a sick joke that was hard to get or something. Oo; And there was this weird cliff made of plaster with shelves on it that she and I climbed up on to eat our lunch. ::blink:: Peppy was on the shelves for some reason.
Then I had another dream where Maggie was asking her roommate Raychel to look up this weird plant for us (I guess it was what we were out looking for). So the internet pulls up this commercial for a movie about a spooky purple plant that kills people, gets under their skin and makes them walk around and do shit, and then uses them as fertilizer... It was...wierd. (How many weirds is that now?)
I also had a dream about people dying, but I forget how, who, or why. I do know that it was influenced by the beginning of Ghost Ship and from me reading Exquisite Corpse before I went to bed. :\
Odd, odd shite.

Anyway, my brain hurts, so I'm going to stop staring at the screen, get dressed, and go shopping with mum. Then I'll come back and tell everybody all about the crap I did yeasterday! :D Oh boy! Like you want to hear that! ::please note dripping sarcasm::

Be back later~
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How very disturbing =P Did you go right to sleep after I left? ;)