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I don't feel like dancing anymore, momma.   
02:22pm 23/09/2004
mood: misfortunately blandlike
Well, yesterday was so uber spiffy happy that I thought, "Gee, I hope I feel like this tomorrow. I hope I feel like this for a while~"
Cause I was singing and dancing and doing stupid voices and "commercials" for Bean, and watching movies, and playing DDR, and working on an art project, ect... It were fun :P
However, last night I didn't sleep well at all. ~~; And today my neck hurts, and I'm all fat because it's that water-retentive time of month (and probly because I'm just a cow anyway), and I feel sad and tired and blah and I hate myself and my boring, boring life... ~~; I never go out, I never have money, I'm scared to drive, I can't seem to draw anything lately and that pisses me off, and I'm pissed off at people I don't even see, and I don't know what to do with my life or how to feel like doing anything or...BLARG.
Fucking Pizza Hut won't even call me back about that application.

Yeah, did I mention I applied there? ~~; Thought I'd have a better chance and getting a job there because they have recently opened. Jerks still gotta call me.

I'm ready to have something happen to me already. Where's the man that steals my heart? The big, difficult-but-worth-it obstacle in my life? The random person that walks past and goes, "Holy fuck, your art is good! Can I hire you?"
What about all that, eh? Where the hell? When the hell, even? Or did I miss it? Or have I just had so many fuck-ups already that either I've been given up on, or I just don't notice that I am, in fact, having a life?

This is stupid. I want to go somewhere. I want to have a good day again. Is two in a row too much to ask? Really? Blah.

I hate these stupid complainy posts.
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01:06am 29/04/2004
  I made two big mistakes tonight. One; I got curious. Two; I got curious about something else.

That's the third time I've made that mistake, and if I haven't learned my lesson yet, then I'll make sure to have someone come and steal my internet.

So here's this. I tried all the ways I spoke so strongly of being 'the right way'. Proper and mature and all. And that got me only this; Shit. So I got angry. Still explaining things rationally, only this time I was pissed. What did I get? Shit So, now I'm really fucking happy. Can you tell? Abandon all sense or reason and thrown the towel up for the grand pissy bitch fest of the year, because nothing else ever worked.
What did I get kids?
That's right! I got more shit! :D

So what am I trying to say here? Nothing really, except that I'm tired of trying not to get shit. No matter what I do, I get it. I'm sick of it, and this is what I have to say about it;

Anyone with shit for me, go stuff it. Cause I don't give a shit anymore.
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Because it were cute   
03:31am 06/04/2004
  my pet!  
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Hnnn~ I are a pagoda of joy   
04:15pm 22/03/2004
  Actually, ignore that title, since I have no idea what it means. ::blink::

Anyway, last night, I think, was compleatly enjoyable. :3 There was much vampire RPness~ And while poor psycho Vinnie wasn't with it much, Antrim and Tesya had some lovely drama. ::nodnod:: As long as it's vampires, yo, 'cause I love them to death. <3
Also, I were RPing with Leggy again. We did some more Chou and Keitaro jive, which was goodly~ We both go a kick out if it, too, since Chou was massively ODing on coffee, and Keitaro was trying to sneak around the apartment all nekky-like. :3 You can add the two factors together however you please...
Hmm, and then there's Asylum. ::blink:: I'm really slow will getting in, and that's sad. But I'm working on Collin bit-by-bit, and Chauni says he's good, and yeah. I dunno what he looks like yet, or acts like, or his last name or yadda yadda, ect ect and so forth. I'll try not to take too much longer... ;.;

I've been thinking of reading Drawing Blood again, since half that book seemed incomprehensible to me due to the fact that I was reading it while I was half dead at 5:am every night. @.@; Yeah, and Wormwood too, because there's still a few stories I haven't read a million times yet. :P

I'm rambling.
Today, I was in my bathroom looking at my waist, and once I turned to leave, I lost my balance and bashed my foot on the trashcan... I kicked it so hard that I broke a blood vessel, and the skin on my toe was split. :\ It's rather painful. Grr. And the day befor ethat I bashed my knee on the ladder going up to the attic, so that's all bruised and scraped up too.
And here I had been thinking that if nothing else, I was at least graceful. ~~;

Ah well. Ill balance isn't the worst thing that would happen to me. :P
So yeah, I kinda forgot the purpose of this post, so I'll go now till I can remember. ^.^
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01:19am 18/03/2004
mood: nauseated
Ug... I'm all sickly feeling again. You know, that icky stomach thing I kept complaining about a short while ago, due to recent negative conversations between people. Well, happy-fucking-joy-joy, it's back. :) Yeah, because all that crap was never really over to begin with, and I'm in it deeper than I think I cared to be, and yet felt that I would be wrong to just sit back and watch. ~~;

Now I'm seriously dreading cartoon club tomorrow... Like, badly. I don't want to go. :\
Of course, I will be going, because I refuse to let situations drive me away from my normal swing in life, dammit. Besides, I'm the one that started that club, and hell had better freeze over before I have to avoid going.
Everything is such bullshit, and I'm getting sick of it, and yet it just keeps going and going, like some kind of fucked up energizer bunny.
Petty stuff really, but it seems to be the only real drama in life at the moment.
Gawd, shoot me.

Anyway, the point of this post wa not to be vauge and annoying. I was to point out that I'm really, as I said, dreading going to club tomorrow, and I feel sick from it.
But then, I'm sick every time the phone rings.
So yeah. Damn.

In other news, The Leauge of Extraordinary Gentlemen was a rather kickass movie, and I feel inlcined to watch it again, and then own it. :) I'm not too sure about parts of it. Like the massive ship that somehow magically fit into the teeny Venice canals. Har har. But yeah, overall it was one of those movies that had me all- O.O

Also, um... Asylum. I are in love. <3 Them who made it are lovely little geniuses that I envy for their brain magics.

Lastly, I think another of those random but super-nifty plots is beginning to live inside my squishy little brainses, and...yes. It has to do with sleeping and spooky good stuffs~ I hope it turned into something useable. ::nodnod:: And the cool thing is, I had gotten this other random idea while watching LoEG, and that one and this lovely new one magically match perfectly! ^.^ So that makes me all goodly happy.

I'm talking like a dipshit now, so I'm go take care of some stuff that needs doing~ There's much to search for and download and write and adjust and plan and draw, and basically anything that can keep me from feeling this ooky sick feeling of tomorrowness.
Maybe if I don't sleep at all I'll have a reason to just sit and zone out...Or pass out so nobody can talk to me... :\

Stuff to do!! I up and away!
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I'm not really one for alcohol...   
12:54am 15/03/2004
  ...But I think I know what I want as a present for my 21st birthday.

A lovely bottle of the greeeen Chartreuse. It's still sold in some places, and while it looks kinda expensive, I've been positivly obsessed with the stuff ever since I read Lost Souls~ Never tasted it, but the fact that I'd own a bottle would be enough to set me squealing.. ^^;
So yeah. <3

And since that was honestly the only reason I made a post, I'll be off now. :3
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No sunburn and the world goes round~   
02:49am 13/03/2004
mood: content
So! My first little attempt at paying attention to the internet since my vacation!
Yup folks, I'm back.
Head fer der freakin hills, yo. ;)

vacation, yoCollapse )

Vacation in non-cut mode: We drove and drove and drove some more, and that was my vacation.

Sooo yeah. And today was interesting. I bummed around telling myself I had to get my ass in gear with Tokyo Pop, and that I needed a shower... Never did either. Ate yummy soup. Alysha called; spoke, mum got on internet. Clare called; spoke, ranted, she left to watch movie. Maggie called; spoke, maybe sang, invite to go to Boneshakers tonight. I said okay to dat shit. :)

my life as a real live teenagerCollapse )

Clubbing in non-cut mode: We came, we saw, we went out for ice cream. Er, coffee. But we got ice cream instead.

So all in all the last five days have been nice and good to me, and I'm eternally grateful for that peace of mind. ::big lovely sigh of goodness:: I'm officially broke, and lacking in time as for as Tokyo Pop, and some people have been pissing me off lately, and I know for sure that my diet's been blown to hell about five times over.... However~ At the moment, I feel like very much the zen cow I'm comfortable with being.
So now I goes to bed and sleeps, and had good dreams of goodness, and maybe tomorrow I'll type all about the kickass chinese dream I had last night. ^.^

Evahboday say OHM, yo.
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01:27am 03/03/2004
  Well, here's something I really needed. I'm sick. Yuck.
Almost vomited once today, but thankfull that was the only time it was so bad :) But ug! All day today I've been queazy and dizzy and nauseated. u.u; I couldn't stand up, cause I'd get worse, and I couldn't go to bed because I was absolutly not tired. Which makes no sense. ::blink::
Then later today there was an ache deeeeep in my inner ear. :\ And if it wasn't fun enough, I had the shakes for a while. And now I have a mild fever.

I'm so healthy right now! :D

Um, in other news, I'm...still not giving up on the comic. :P And you know.. I'm feeling more confident about the whole thing. :) I still think it sucks about my GIANT lack of time, but it's more like a challenge now than a bother. Go me for finally being optimistic!

Uh. I feel like shit, so now I'm going to go to bed. Nighty!
I should have been in bed at 12:00 or sooner. Bad me...
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12:56am 27/02/2004
mood: SNOW, MOMMA!
Yoy of Joys, yo! It SNOWED last night, and then lasted ALL DAY!
Does anyone have any idea what a big deal that is down here? FWEE!! :D

The stupid thing though, is the no one knows how to drive in weird weather in GA... So we only got an inch (if that much) of snow, and the schools were all shut down. ::blink:: In CO, it took about five FEET of snow before anyone even considered cancelling school. XD So while I was happy about the snow, I was still laughing at how pathetic it was.
Though it was very, very pretty, and I'm all happy. :3 Like I said to Mags a while ago, it makes me feel a bit less homesick. ^.^

In other news, comic contests SUCK ASS. Yup. Ug.

Hangin out wif Mags is fun. :D Finding Nemo is by far the most depressing Disney movie I've ever seen. Good though, so it all evens out~
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09:32pm 21/02/2004
mood: distressed
Jeeze. I hate contests. Officially, Tokyo Pop will be the only contest I enter for a long fucking time. In fact, I'm going to have to maim whatever people thought up that horrid contest, because while it's a challenge, and a possible big step for me in my manga thing, it's really doing nothing so far that I'm happy with. I'm stressed. I want to burn what I've drawn. I want to give the hell up right fucking now and just go work at Taco Bell. I'm not really sleeping properly. God. Dammit.
I only have 21 days left. I wake up and count how long I have left on the calendar. ~~; and I've only got FOUR pages drawn! Not inked or toned or all nice and neat. Just some happy pencil.
And it sucks. I've never made a proper comic before. I don't know what I'm doing.

You know, I can't even convince myself to take a break and draw the other things that've been on my mind lately. I feel guilty for stopping to shower or read or watch a movie with my family. My block is gone, but now I have no time to draw what comes to mind. I'm really twtichy and fidgety and whenever I'm just sitting and resting I can't stay still and I get really freaked out because I'm wasting time. It's like some kind of paranoia. Do you know how much I hate that? ^^

But this is what a real artist deals with like, every month. So I'm gonna deal. Go me... So pardon my bitchy hate-filled talk about how utterly miserable I am. You're gonna get it for the next 21 days.

Gawd, something good better come of this.

In other news, umm... DDR is really fun. My sister's friends came to spend the night yet again, and Jennifer, her Korean friend thought it was nifty that I had a Moon Hee Jun CD. I asked her if she'd translate some lyrics for me, but she's so shy, and doesn't speak english all too well.. ^^; So she just read them to herself and kinda went back to eating her pizza. Har.
Um. It's loud here. I wanna break things. Like my fingers. My head hurts. I'm having caffene withdraw. Before that, I was having caffene overdose.

I'm never going to sleep tonight. Doomy is damn hard to draw.
I need to call someone to talk to late tonight while I'm working. ~~;
On a side note yet again, I'm happy to hear that they're seriously contemplating another PotC movie. Oh, the utter joy that brings to my life.

Speaking of which, I don't need to be sitting here typing anymore. I have a page and a half to finish before tomorrow.
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Sheesh, I think I'll just implode   
11:49am 21/02/2004
mood: fidgety
Okay, so I'm still wasting my time online doing useless dribble. ::sighs:: I have a contest to enter, dammit! I need to be banned from the internet!

In other, similar news, I've become a true artist in less than three days. This entails staying up till god-awful hours trying to draw but getting nothing done (which comes naturally anyway), sleeping till noon, or not sleeping at all, ever nursing a MASSIVE cup of horrible coffee because frappicinos don't quite cut it, and when I ever do get to bed, I don't even bother getting into my pyjamas. Don't even take of my bra, fer cripes sake. And as far as sleeping situations, I just fall into the clearest spot on my bed. Because usually it's covered with art stuff and cats. ~~;
Crap, I just can't wait till I'm doing this for a living. :P

Now, for something compleatly different. Apparently, I'm the master of Zen, and it make some people think I'm cool, and it makes my mother think I'm a not-normal teenager. She's always telling me to do something delinquent-esque, so she know's she raised me okay. ::blink::
Ah well. I'll just say that's a good thing. ;) Eternally placid is good for blood pressure anyway.

There's cat hair ALL OVER my nice black and blue clothing. :\ And my neck hurts, and i want to repaint my fingernails and toenails, but I have no time to do so. Grr. ~~; And my insides feel sick. Ug. Toilet. Barfy marf.
But life doesn't suck. I'm just complaining so I don't have to worry about any of this later. Yoy for internetty journals, where no one really has to sit and listen to you whine. :D

Umm, I feel like typing more, really.. But I'm kinda wasting my day, and my coffee buzz. So. Yeah. Toodles!
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03:34pm 15/02/2004
mood: pink
Happy bealated Valentines day, everybody~ :D
I hope you all had a fun firday the 13th, too. ;)
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OH MY GOD!!!   
12:59pm 05/02/2004
mood: distressed
SHIT! TokyoPop started at the BEGINNING of the year this time!! I only have a MONTH to get things finished and entered, and I'm hardly ready because I thought they were going to be starting in in JUNE again like the last two times!!! WTF??? GODDAMMIT!!!!
I'll never do this in time! FuckfuckFUCK!!
I hate this, I hate this, I HATE IT!!!!! JUST SHOOT ME, FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!!!!

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09:57pm 27/01/2004
mood: exanimate
You know, the funniest things happen when Maggie and I talk about asians. lol!

So, yesternight was good. I woke up being compleatly bored and useless-feeling, and remained that way for most of the day. Bean, mum and I watched the first two Jurassic Park movies, and then Mags called and asked if I wanted to hang out. So der, I said yuppers. :) She came to pick me up, we sat around waiting for the second movie to end (Jeff Goldblum running away from a T-rex in the middle of a downtown water-front area never fails to kick ass, or amuse me. Bwaha), then we took off for Best Buy.
Gawd. I'm so amused by the sequence of events that took place there.
So, after a romp around BB, we went to VisionViz where I returned my two funky Japanese movies, looked for soemthing new, and Mags and I roamed around and talked a bit with her co-workers. Then to Wendy's, where I just know I blew my diet thing. Then to HollyVid, where we meowed at Eric, snagged Jurassic Park 3, and Once Upon A Time In Mexico.
Antonio Banderas. Jonny Depp. W00tzor, yo. >)

"I can't see, you fuckmook! I've got no eyes!"

Saa, then Mags and I went back to her apt, and we watched the first ten minutes of Ping Pong, which I need to rent sometime, and then The Goonies. I'm twice over enamoured with Sean Austin. Aaaaww, SAM! <3
After that, some...weird....asian..zombie movie. ::blink:: Ace. Tobio, the girl who's not. Guitaur Wolf. Some...other people. And a bunch of hobbling BLUE asian zombies (two of which end up making out near the end of the movie. Now that is horror).
Fun times.
Ooo, and we ate spagettii. W00t! More diet blowing.
I love Depp and Austin. ;)

Hmm...then some funny girl talk about balls and whatnot, and then...home. Yup. :blink:: Smirnoff. lol, Shmendrick.

Saw deer on the way home, fell dead-ass alseep as soon as I hit the pillow, had dreams of alllll sorts of fucked up shit. And snow. And I was an elf at one point, wearing a very kickass outfit. Cool beans.

TODAY! Woke up feeling goodish, but guilty for waking up so late. (2:00 pm) Had breakfast, was going to draw, lost modivation because mum and I got talking about college, and for some reason that topic just makes me angry and want to cry. :\
Watched teh Eyeball-less Depp wander around clinging to some kid like it was a seeing-eye dog. Watched dinosaurs eat people. Watched people run and scream. Blood, guts, pissed dino mommas. All good. Except that there was no JEFF GOLDBLUM! Sucks. ~~;
Shower, out, back, internet.

I really, really wish I could have gotten some drawing done when I felt like it. () Thanks, pre-college life, you're screwing with my motivation.

As for things that don't have to do ith me systematically quoting the happenings of my life as if reading from a boring book, I really, really am getting interested in teh movie thing. Like, I think I'd like to make em. :) Its always been an interest, but recently I think I'd like to really get into it.
Pershnaps. Comics first, for now. ::nodnod:: And I have to learn to write like something that isn't crap. :P

Umm... I guess I'm off to doodle a bit, and maybe watch some Hikago. Ja matta and so forth for now~

Can you believe it?? Two posts in ONE MONTH!
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Oh my...   
12:07pm 10/01/2004
mood: happy
Well, it certianly has been a while since I've posted something here, eh foomies? That's too bad I guess- but everything I've been doing that's interesting lately, well, most people IRL know about it and it seems kind of pointless to post online. :\ That, and I've been keeping away from my computer so much that I might as well not even *have* the internet.
Funny how something I was sooo obsessive over for years can just become...annoying. ::blink::
But I dunno. I think it's because I'm so caught up in other things right now. Lots and LOTS of other things that leave me with very little time for interneting.
I've got to work early on this year's TokyoPop contest (I HAVE TO enter this year!); I also want to finish last year's entry just for kicks; I'm planning on having a table at AWA this year, and I have to draw things for that and make plans for what I want to do with it; Morbid Illness SERIOUSLY needs to be worked on.. I've neglected it so long that I might have lost the style I used; Star and I are working on a Hikago doujinshi together, (I agreed to help her with it because the person she was working with got all wigged out and blew her off); there's a lot of semi-private stuff going on that keeps getting more and more stuff added to the scheduel; Predawn's page is all set up, and now I really, really need to get the comic going; and I know I'm forgetting about five more things, but I fail to recall what they are at the moment.
Considering all these art projects going on, and that I both draw and go online late at night, I think it's obvious why I've been away so long. Yeah.
But it's not like any of this is really terribly important in a post, I'm just kinda rambling.

Phew, so. That's a lot. Go me for having such a line up RIGHT as I hit the big month-long block. :\ I'll have to manage, dammit, cause if I don't I have the feeling I'll never draw again. And that would suck.

Oh! I'm on a diet! Wheeee, my fat ass is gonna go away soon! Supposedly I'm going to lose a pound a week, and my goal weight is about 140 (for now) so.... Yup. Fun times. :P
Also, I have my very first checking account open! Yay! And it's going to be compleatly free for five years, since mom already had an account there (some kinda special deal). So now all I need to do if get my driver's licence and get a job. :3
I should try an piss Maggie off and get a job at Vision Video. Or better yet, Walmoot.

Just kidding Mags, you know that. ;P

Hmm... it smells...like hot glue in here. So I guess I'm done rambling now. I'll be going. Tra to all you pretties~
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07:20pm 16/12/2003
  Um, I'm not going to go into some gigantic explination of anything at the moment, cause I'm visiting Maggie and I don't wannt be a rude ass by sitting on her compy the whole time.
So! Let's see...
Crap that I was bitching about has been pretty cleared up. Tis good. I always feel stupid about getting angry at something after it's all over. Shit like that tend to go out with a "pleh", and it's just... Pleh.
Maggie's shift button doesn't seem to work sometimes. Hmm..

Uh. Miyavi's awsome, so is Hee Jun, Taiji, Toshiya, and some random dudes from Shinhwa. :P
I'ma go now. I dun wanna be a mean guest...

We're going to watch high school students kill each other. >)
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I'd like to take a moment to share with you all...   
02:37pm 13/12/2003
mood: GRR!! ARG!!
...That today sucks. My head hurts, my neck hurts, my wrist hurts, my back hurts, my brain hurts, my talent hurts, and my eyes hurt.
If I haven't spoken to you in over a month, it's likely that I'm pissed at you for something you don't even know you did, and I refuse to talk about it because you either don't care, or it's a stupid reason that probably only makes sense to me and the IRL people I bitch at in my daily life.
I'm tired of feeling all alone when I wake up or go to sleep, or when I'm feeling sad and hiding in my room. I'm very tired of being out of shape, andof having no real active life, and of sitting around on my ass feeling sorry for myself because I have some kind of block or another. I'm tired of my sister being better at EVERYTHING than I am. I'm just damn tired.
Did you all know that I'm having trouble waking up at all, even after 12 hours of sleep? Do you all CARE? I can name about two or three people on my friend's list right now that would actually give a shit about anything I have to say right now, and everyone else I know has either stopped reading at the top of this entry, or is rolling their eyes right now and going "God, she's complaining AGAIN..."
Well you know what? if you're not one of the two or three people I could name that care, FUCK OFF. :D
And I'm not going to bother naming names, because I don't want to bother dealing with people IMing me and going "Oh, what's wrong? I'm not one of the ones you told to fuck off, am I?"

And now eveyone, I'm tired of ranting, because it's wasting my time. Bye bye, and have a day. XP
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12:31pm 05/12/2003
mood: spoofy
I had some weird dreams earlier that just...had me baffled. In one, I was eating my artwork. ::blink:: It was made of this weird, crisp something that I kept nibbling at... And I remember that I kept asking people if eating my artwork was a good idea, because they were the originals and if I ate them I wouldn't have them ever again. Oo; But I forget to what point and purpose I was eating them for in the first place.
Then I had a dream that Maggie and I were out in the middle of the ocean in this little yello rubber raft thing, and we were...like, stranded, but not. We were going somewhere, and I kept asking how long we had to get there and if we had enough food and water left. Maggie kept saying we had about four days and would I please just shut up already and eat the lunch she was cooking. The water was really really blue there, and at one point we were talking about how it was hard to comprehend that water that looked so clear and good could taste so horribly salty. Like a sick joke that was hard to get or something. Oo; And there was this weird cliff made of plaster with shelves on it that she and I climbed up on to eat our lunch. ::blink:: Peppy was on the shelves for some reason.
Then I had another dream where Maggie was asking her roommate Raychel to look up this weird plant for us (I guess it was what we were out looking for). So the internet pulls up this commercial for a movie about a spooky purple plant that kills people, gets under their skin and makes them walk around and do shit, and then uses them as fertilizer... It was...wierd. (How many weirds is that now?)
I also had a dream about people dying, but I forget how, who, or why. I do know that it was influenced by the beginning of Ghost Ship and from me reading Exquisite Corpse before I went to bed. :\
Odd, odd shite.

Anyway, my brain hurts, so I'm going to stop staring at the screen, get dressed, and go shopping with mum. Then I'll come back and tell everybody all about the crap I did yeasterday! :D Oh boy! Like you want to hear that! ::please note dripping sarcasm::

Be back later~
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Mwahaha~ Payoff for practice >3   
01:02am 02/12/2003
  you get a five out of five stars! yes! you are a pretty good there!!! either that or extremely lucky....hmmm...did you cheat???
you get a five out of five stars! yes! you are a
pretty good there!!! either that or extremely
lucky....hmmm...did you cheat???


Can You Speak Some Japanese? (now I got cool pics; rate me 5!)
brought to you by Quizilla
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08:07pm 30/11/2003
  Soooo, it's been a while since I've updated here, eh? Kinda, anyway. So here's what's new (for as long as I feel like typing here :P )
I'm still having trouble drawing anything. I did manage a little comic...thing. With SD characters. So that's fun. :P It's rather humorus, and I are proud of the funnies! I also did the picture of Moon Hee Jun a while ago, which I thought sucked ass~ But the more I look at it, the more I realize that it looks just like him. Oo; So either I'm a dolt, or he's really stupid looking. Whatever.
DA's been really hard to keep up with. I don't have the mental stamina to give decent comments to all the people I have on watch... So what I'll do is keep their pictures on the friend's page thingy, and comment on them over time. Only problem is that they upload a million and five at once, and so I never, ever make any comments. But I don't wann just delete that pics from my friend's page, cause I'd feel bad for not commenting, and blah blah blah blah. Like you care at all.

My kitty is the sweetest damn thing in the world. And I feel sad and guilty for thinking so.
Love Tesya.
Miss Cleo. :(

Ummm...I..wish I could draw. DA is- nooo, now I'm repeating meself. Hmm..
Oh yeah! More bad news! :D My throat is getting worse! don't I just rock?
Turkey day was good, I had pie. Some dude from HotOrNot thinks he's compleatly enamoured with me. I want X-3 to come out. I can't wait to see Return Of The King. And Peter Pan. And I still haven't seen Matrix Revolutions, though I hear it sucks ass. Wanna see Kill Bill again.

Um. Yeah. No more for now. Will be posting something happy when I'm not using a shite keyboard. :P
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