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Hnnn~ I are a pagoda of joy

Actually, ignore that title, since I have no idea what it means. ::blink::

Anyway, last night, I think, was compleatly enjoyable. :3 There was much vampire RPness~ And while poor psycho Vinnie wasn't with it much, Antrim and Tesya had some lovely drama. ::nodnod:: As long as it's vampires, yo, 'cause I love them to death. <3
Also, I were RPing with Leggy again. We did some more Chou and Keitaro jive, which was goodly~ We both go a kick out if it, too, since Chou was massively ODing on coffee, and Keitaro was trying to sneak around the apartment all nekky-like. :3 You can add the two factors together however you please...
Hmm, and then there's Asylum. ::blink:: I'm really slow will getting in, and that's sad. But I'm working on Collin bit-by-bit, and Chauni says he's good, and yeah. I dunno what he looks like yet, or acts like, or his last name or yadda yadda, ect ect and so forth. I'll try not to take too much longer... ;.;

I've been thinking of reading Drawing Blood again, since half that book seemed incomprehensible to me due to the fact that I was reading it while I was half dead at 5:am every night. @.@; Yeah, and Wormwood too, because there's still a few stories I haven't read a million times yet. :P

I'm rambling.
Today, I was in my bathroom looking at my waist, and once I turned to leave, I lost my balance and bashed my foot on the trashcan... I kicked it so hard that I broke a blood vessel, and the skin on my toe was split. :\ It's rather painful. Grr. And the day befor ethat I bashed my knee on the ladder going up to the attic, so that's all bruised and scraped up too.
And here I had been thinking that if nothing else, I was at least graceful. ~~;

Ah well. Ill balance isn't the worst thing that would happen to me. :P
So yeah, I kinda forgot the purpose of this post, so I'll go now till I can remember. ^.^
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