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No sunburn and the world goes round~

So! My first little attempt at paying attention to the internet since my vacation!
Yup folks, I'm back.
Head fer der freakin hills, yo. ;)

Anyway~ Orlando was goodly. It was all sunny, and driving down there we passed a TON of orange groves, and it smelled all yummy of oranges in the truck. That reminded me of Cali a lot, since when my grandpa Darrel took me there, we passed some strawberry fields and it smelled all yummy then, too. ^.^
Also, being so close to Disneyworld reminded me of that trip to Cali, too~
So my whole trip I was lovely and nostaligic and I smelled like sunscreen. Yeah, I never went out of our room without soaking in a bathtub of sunscreen first.. XD It was...screeny. But I thought I had come back with a burn anyway! ARG!
Though, for those of you I told I might have a burn, I lied. :3 I'm all pale as the dead still, and quite happy about it. ^^ No more freckles for me.
Speaking of the dead, I spent my nights in my hotely room reading one of Anne Rice's new books, Blackwood Farm. 'Tis goodly, this one, and it has Lestat and a few others in it, but mostly it's about this guy named Tarquin Blackwood and his tendancies to see ghosts.
Yeah, she wrote a ghost story. :) I'm only halfway through though, so the book still has a potential of going sour. ::shrugs:: I'll just hope it doesn't~ ^^
So, back to Orli... We drove a lot the first day, and then got to our destination and slept like the dead. (there's that dead referance again..)
Second day my mum went on some tour of some hotel where they tried to sell her some stuff. She didn't buy it, but they gave her a lunch, and she came back with lovely oodles of japanese foods~ ^.^ I ate one of the sushi rolls (but only one, since the seeweed was fishy) and all of the fried veggies. *squee* It was yummy, and I don't know why, but I got a real kick out of eating it. :3 So, joy.
Then we all piled into the truck and went to Universal Studios! YOY! I had lots of fun, 'cept for the fact that my sister was typically a compleat spoil sport when it came to every ride/show we wanted to do/see. :\
But whatever, she's 12. She'll be more fun and happy (I hope) when she's older. Pessimism at the age wears off, doesn't it? ::blink::
Anyway, I saw the nifty Terminatior 3D show (which kicked incredible ass), rode Back To The Future, (whice I'm officially obsessed with. It's funny too, ince we watched BttF 3 the night before..), rode MIB Alien Attack, (coolies. I got a high score of 158,100), and also rode EARTHQUAKE (which sounds spookier than it is, but left me with quite a morbid impression).
There was one other thing I rode, but I can't reacall. :\ Damn.
ANYWAYS, after all that, mum bought us some much uneeded candy and we all went back to the hotel. :3
Day after that, we drove down to a little townthing called Cocoa Beach, and we were going to spend the day on...well, the beach. But It was chilly that day (WTF) and rather windy, so we were quite miserable at first. :\ So we drove a further ways down and stopped at another beach (obviously just as windy and cold as the first) and thought we'd fly our kite for a while. But there was an air force base right across the street, and they had posted a sign saying that any low-flying objects where prohibited. ~~; I guess since they were doing routine flights over the beach with hellicopters and jets ever freaking ten mins...
So...we drove back up to the first beach, hoping to fly kites there. And we were STILL right across the street from the air force base.
Damn they for being so big. XP
Anyway, we were all cold and winded out, but it seemed like a shame to have driven so far just to be put out by all that.. :\ So we went down to the beach to just sit for a while, and watch teh ocean.....
....when I spotted and decent sized sand dune and suggested we use it to shield us from the wind! :D
Well, the idead worked perfectly, and so we were all able to enjoy a nice, windless, warm sunbathing break. ^.^
I'm so proud of the moment~ it makes me feel smart.

RIGHT! So, after that we went to get lunch at Wendy's... and I hopped out of the truck (we were in drive through) to used teh potty. And normally I wouldn't be giving so lovely details, but this was an odd deal, cause once I got in the bathroom my guts (either uteris or something lower) started feeling a great deal like someone had run them through with a searing hot sharp something. And them it lasted for about a lovely hour~ A lovely hour that I spent crying contemplating mum's offer oftaking me to a hospital.
So that was fun. :\ After a while though, mum decided to give me some of her relaxy meds, and within 15 min I was decently able to sit up, and was eating my very cold lunch. Then we all drove back to der hotel where I promptly collapsed on the bed and died, and mum and Bean went swimming.
Next day we all drove home, stopped at a cute little orange stand and bought 'real florida tangerines' some soda, and a box of slat water taffy. Yum.
Got stuck in a MASSIVE traffic jam once we hit GA. (you know you're in Georgia once all the highways are fucked up from construction) So we took the nearest exit, stopped for luch at Subway, got back in evil traffic and made it home around 10:something (as opposed to 7 or 8:something), then mum had a mental breakdown because she couldn't find Smith (a kitten) and I told her she needed sleep from driving so much, but she wouldn't go to bed, then she had a mental breakdown AFTER she found Smith and went to bed.
Then I did to. :D
The end!

Vacation in non-cut mode: We drove and drove and drove some more, and that was my vacation.

Sooo yeah. And today was interesting. I bummed around telling myself I had to get my ass in gear with Tokyo Pop, and that I needed a shower... Never did either. Ate yummy soup. Alysha called; spoke, mum got on internet. Clare called; spoke, ranted, she left to watch movie. Maggie called; spoke, maybe sang, invite to go to Boneshakers tonight. I said okay to dat shit. :)

So Maggie invited me to go out with her tonight to Boneshakers; a notorious gay club with notoriously good music and lots of fun dancefloor activity. I wasn't sure, sice I hadnt ever been to any club before, and I didn't know if I wanted to be getting mauled by any women tonight. (though that's giving myself too much credit) After a short while though, I said "what teh hell?" and we made plans to meet around 11:pmness. So I showered and fussed over a shirt that would look good with my creepy pants, and then decided to were the shirt I always wear with those pants, and then got a phone call~
And basically it was Maggs outside on her cell phone going, "Let me in, bitch! It's COLD!"
So we bummed around in my bathroom for a little bit, fiddling with glitter and make-up, and then took off for a lovely adventure~
We stopped by her apt first though, so she could get a decent pair of shoes (and nab a shirt ^.~) before we hit teh club.
So I played with the internet while she plyayed with clothing, and during my short 'netty break, I got very pissed off at the going-ons between a few...friends of mine.
Or rather I should say one friend and one guy who's being a really mean, immature dick about something that wasn't even HIS BUISNESS to begin with.
I mean honestly. I didn't go around saying anything about conversations he and I had had together about certian people to those certian people, did I?
But I'm not writing here to bitch about that, because that's stupid and not fun anyway, and I intend to take care of it on the journal in which it's taking place.
SO! Then Mags and I took off for Boneshakers, (note, my first club adventure EVAR) and we got in free since it was lovely free friday of joy~
There was some woman at the door who handed me a little note, and when I asked what it was she pointed to her ear and shook her head. Yar, deaf. So I read the thingy and it was basically saying "I'm homeless ect ect, and could you please spare $3?" And... I dunno. I feel kinda bad about not giving her anything, and maybe would have if she was still out there when I came out.. But she smelled like ciggaretts and I wasn't too sure what exactly she'd buy with $3, and ug. Y'know? So I signed 'sorry' to her and mouthed "I'm broke".
Which wasn't exactly a lie since I only had $5 with me. :\
But anyway... I ramble. :P
So Boneshakers was fun. Maggs said it was toned down tonight, but we both decided that was a good thing, since I'd never been clubbing before and this was I'd not get overloaded. So we shared a coke and watched the people dance. All five of them. Then we went to listen to the horrid Karaoke, and I was laughing before we even got in the room. :P Then we watched the dancing some more, and I kinda watched some guys makeout, and I was defenatly eyeing the random passing hot dudes.
The cute ones are always gay. Or taken. Or both.
I'll never have a boyfriend. ~~;
The only thing I can think of that was bad in the club was the mass amounts of people who smoked. :\ That always gets me ill, and that plus the screaming over the organ-liquefying bass did little good for my already loving throat... ^^; But it's all good, and all I can complain about there is the ciggy smell in my clothing.
It positively CLINGS.
Then we both decided to leave and went to Infusia on a whim instead. :3 Fun times there as it was a very late-night lounge/cafe/bar/restraunt, and neither of us had been before~
We both got cream sodas; Maggs got peach and I got strawberry. They was yummy. :3 The owner was nice-looking, and he talked a damn lot. ^^; And he kinda looked at me funny when I was trying to tell him that he had sat with Clare on opening day and her friends were giggling like dorks at him while they drank some kind of bubble tea. :P But I think he knew who I was talking about.
The floor likes peach cream soda, too. ;)
That place had a nice vibe though, and they were playing good music, and it was very asian, and the food was worth the horrendous prices. ^^ And the interior was very...smooth. Yeah. :P
Aaaand then Maggs dropped me off at home as mum had given me a curfew of 2:am, and so here I am! Yay!
It was a lovely night!
But damn cold.. ~~;

Clubbing in non-cut mode: We came, we saw, we went out for ice cream. Er, coffee. But we got ice cream instead.

So all in all the last five days have been nice and good to me, and I'm eternally grateful for that peace of mind. ::big lovely sigh of goodness:: I'm officially broke, and lacking in time as for as Tokyo Pop, and some people have been pissing me off lately, and I know for sure that my diet's been blown to hell about five times over.... However~ At the moment, I feel like very much the zen cow I'm comfortable with being.
So now I goes to bed and sleeps, and had good dreams of goodness, and maybe tomorrow I'll type all about the kickass chinese dream I had last night. ^.^

Evahboday say OHM, yo.
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