~A. Ryce Kunchan Sama (blackrosesignet) wrote,
~A. Ryce Kunchan Sama


Well, here's something I really needed. I'm sick. Yuck.
Almost vomited once today, but thankfull that was the only time it was so bad :) But ug! All day today I've been queazy and dizzy and nauseated. u.u; I couldn't stand up, cause I'd get worse, and I couldn't go to bed because I was absolutly not tired. Which makes no sense. ::blink::
Then later today there was an ache deeeeep in my inner ear. :\ And if it wasn't fun enough, I had the shakes for a while. And now I have a mild fever.

I'm so healthy right now! :D

Um, in other news, I'm...still not giving up on the comic. :P And you know.. I'm feeling more confident about the whole thing. :) I still think it sucks about my GIANT lack of time, but it's more like a challenge now than a bother. Go me for finally being optimistic!

Uh. I feel like shit, so now I'm going to go to bed. Nighty!
I should have been in bed at 12:00 or sooner. Bad me...
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