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Oh my...

Well, it certianly has been a while since I've posted something here, eh foomies? That's too bad I guess- but everything I've been doing that's interesting lately, well, most people IRL know about it and it seems kind of pointless to post online. :\ That, and I've been keeping away from my computer so much that I might as well not even *have* the internet.
Funny how something I was sooo obsessive over for years can just become...annoying. ::blink::
But I dunno. I think it's because I'm so caught up in other things right now. Lots and LOTS of other things that leave me with very little time for interneting.
I've got to work early on this year's TokyoPop contest (I HAVE TO enter this year!); I also want to finish last year's entry just for kicks; I'm planning on having a table at AWA this year, and I have to draw things for that and make plans for what I want to do with it; Morbid Illness SERIOUSLY needs to be worked on.. I've neglected it so long that I might have lost the style I used; Star and I are working on a Hikago doujinshi together, (I agreed to help her with it because the person she was working with got all wigged out and blew her off); there's a lot of semi-private stuff going on that keeps getting more and more stuff added to the scheduel; Predawn's page is all set up, and now I really, really need to get the comic going; and I know I'm forgetting about five more things, but I fail to recall what they are at the moment.
Considering all these art projects going on, and that I both draw and go online late at night, I think it's obvious why I've been away so long. Yeah.
But it's not like any of this is really terribly important in a post, I'm just kinda rambling.

Phew, so. That's a lot. Go me for having such a line up RIGHT as I hit the big month-long block. :\ I'll have to manage, dammit, cause if I don't I have the feeling I'll never draw again. And that would suck.

Oh! I'm on a diet! Wheeee, my fat ass is gonna go away soon! Supposedly I'm going to lose a pound a week, and my goal weight is about 140 (for now) so.... Yup. Fun times. :P
Also, I have my very first checking account open! Yay! And it's going to be compleatly free for five years, since mom already had an account there (some kinda special deal). So now all I need to do if get my driver's licence and get a job. :3
I should try an piss Maggie off and get a job at Vision Video. Or better yet, Walmoot.

Just kidding Mags, you know that. ;P

Hmm... it smells...like hot glue in here. So I guess I'm done rambling now. I'll be going. Tra to all you pretties~
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